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Check-in. Get Wi-Fi, + Find Seats. Cowork(ing).
  • Highlight new spaces

    Upload photos, and provide details about power outlets and other amenities.

  • Offer the seat(s) next to you

    Check-in at cafés, and optionally take requests for seat(s) from others nearby. — You can even earn money in-app wherever you’re able to charge for seats.

  • Book a seat

    Request a guaranteed seat or table from someone at a café or workspace near you.

  • Read & write reviews

    Praise spaces, or flag them for issues like overcrowding or excess noise. Alert others about unstable or password-protected Wi-Fi.

  • Travel-friendly

    Nomads, rejoice! Find and share information about the best possible places to get work done, wherever you are.

  • Compare Wi-Fi speeds

    Café Wifi automatically speed tests the Wi-Fi wherever you connect, and provides shared statistics from everyone to all future café visitors.


Café Seat Finder + Marketplace

Request Seat(s)

What if someone doesn't arrive on-time?

When offering seats, you're only expected to hold any seat for 7-minutes past the guest's selected arrival-time. The mode of transit (walking, bus/train, driving) and arrival-time of the guest are shown to you before accepting requests.

If a guest does not arrive on time then you are no longer expected to hold seat(s) nor honor their booking.

Can anyone become a host?

If you own a café, or if you frequently work out of cafés, coworking spaces, and other productive spots, it takes just seconds to start hosting when checking-in somewhere with the Café Wifi app.

How do I get paid? Should I request cash?

When a host charges for seats, any requests are charged immediately to the credit card of the guest as soon as they are accepted. Funds are then transferred to your bank account when your unpaid earnings exceed $10 USD.

All payments are handled in-app and never in cash. This is for both parties' peace-of-mind, and to provide equal protection to the guest and host. Any disputes should be sent to us.

How much will I earn?

As a host, you set your own price per-seat, with an optional discount for multiple seats. The suggested price for the first seat is around the price of a snack or a cup of coffee, but it's up to you.

How do I host seats?

Check-in using the Café Wifi app on your phone. Simply host for free or set a price for the first seat and then wait for booking requests. You'll receive a notification when someone wants to book a seat from you, and you have about 60 seconds to respond each time.

Your hosting session will automatically stop when you leave the café. You can also stop your hosting session manually using the “Hosting Dashboard” in-app.

Book a seat

Who is the host?

You can book seats from both café owners and other users. Café owners can offer seats at their own cafés. However, if the café isn't using Café Wifi yet, then other users can offer seats, too.

How much do seats cost?

Often they're free, but on average, other seats cost around the price of a snack or a cup of coffee.

Seats at coworking spaces and other productive spots may be significantly more expensive.

Why should I request a seat?

You're getting a guaranteed seat, which is especially useful at crowded or popular places. But, ultimately the choice is yours. Take a chance or have a guaranteed seat!

What if my plans change, or I can't find my host?

If you can't find your host, let us know and we'll review the situation and offer a refund if the host acted incorrectly. Repeat complaints may lead to the host having their privileges revoked.

If you're unable to reach your destination in-time, or if your plans change, you'll unfortunately forfeit your requested seat.

How do I book seats?

To request seats, just select a nearby host in the Café Wifi app and confirm details for your booking before it's transmitted. The app is currently available for iOS. (Android is coming soon!)